Double Bacon Cheeseburger w/6 slices of cheese and 12 slices of Bacon with Beetroot!

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  • Beetroot in a burger is an aussie thing, do you guys do it too?

    • No. This was when we did the Burger contest on the other site, beetroot was a requirement. Never ever knew it was done till then.

    • So are you a fan of it? I'm generally not as it tends to be the canned crap... UNLESS, I have time and I can roast my own fresh beetroot in my own burgers then I'm on board. But that sort of 'having' time for me never happens for a burger so I don't have beetroot in a burger.

      Did do yellow beets once where I roasted them and put them in a burger, really enjoyed that one, should do it again.

    • On a burger, no. I love beets, my mom had a recipe for Harvard beets and they were great. But it was always a side dish!