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You have a Fender bass head on your photo. I can only assume that you are a bass player. I play a bit of bass around my home country area in WA. I play a 4 sting Fender Jazz. I am no superstar, but still get the chance to play old covers and with a local guy on alt country originals.


Grant from Grass Valley

Yes i am! Although i dont get to play much these days with kids. I'm also a big alt country fan.

Jazz, but I used to play a P that I borrowed when I was living in London. Eventually I'll get a P too but there are about a billion guitars I want.

I have short fingers so have stuck with basses that have thin necks. I have two Jazz Basses and an old Ibanez soundgear that I had seymour duncan pickups put in. I also have a great old acoustic Maton Bindara Bass (a big mexican type acoustic). I don't play it much, bought more just to keep as they are quite rare, especially fretted. I can't play fretless (just not good enough) so it took me a long time to find a fretted one. Hope you can get time to get back into playing. I didn't play for 7 years until this local guy asked me to fill in. As mentioned, we are just "scrubber amateurs" but I have been enjoying playing reasonably regularly again.