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  • Wazza, can you tell me how you made the gravy for that brisket you did recently? Presume you used jus from the brisket or done such? I’ve got a Grimmie on the WSM as I write this and I think gravy might be very popular at my place too.

  • Marron , that looks gooood
    Oh makes me even more excited about next week Murray cray fishing trip ....

  • Oh wow Wazza I just realised what a food photographer you are.... smashing work mate

  • I missed it too. Happens when you are on the phone and not the pc I guess. Now stop spray painting on my wall...

  • Hey Waz. Sorry I missed it but belated congrats on becoming our first BBQ Wizard when you got to 17,500 points. One more on the tree to go.

  • Feeling a bit left out I can't get into meat down unders convo. Let me in.

  • Only just worked out how to take the video will find out

  • Hey Wazza just tried the periscope video can you tell me if it worked please

  • Hey Gunb

  • G'day Waz