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  • Chinese hacker on board !!

    • Posts have been delted. If you see any more use the report function on the post. Cheers.

  • Send you a PM.

  • Hi Gumb,

    Having a little trouble with the activation code. Haven't received any email since joining yesterday.

    • You are already activated according to my list. You should just be able to post away.

    • All good now, thanks. Had to log off and log back in to get the activation code re-sent.

  • Mate Really enjoy this its just so good there is plenty of mad meatheads around that enjoy the ideas thrown around ,and learn from others methods

    • Yeah, it's BBQ fanatic territory, that's for sure and it's become what we had hoped but a lot quicker than we expected. Thanks for the messaage.

  • Sounds good but WA is a bit far for me. :) I still prefer a good local butcher though.

  • Hey Guys went to Spudshed Coventry markets yesterday morning ( Early ) it's open 24/7
    Geez they have quite a selection of all different Meats available all pre packed by the Mad butcher pretty handy for a cook up at anytime really,plus they have a great variety of that funny stuff (salad and veggies ) plus ice cream and deserts

  • I've activated that account nowand I've set you up with a password of : temporary
    Just change it when you are back in

  • Can't post due to no activation code what have I done incorrectly

  • No worries Stewart, I'm glad you liked the place. You'll love the pork, guaranteed. I'm getting him to brine some pork for my Xmas lunch too. He said he needs about a week to do it. That serves as my ham for sangers the next day as well as hot roast Xmas lunch.

  • Hi Ian,
    Went and visited Russell at Basin Butchers today, nice bloke and got a piece of rolled pork which has just gone on OTP and a couple of pieces of Portuguese chicken which made a very nice sandwich for lunch.
    He also gave us a sample of his ham which was delicious, could well be the Xmas ham.
    His sidekick used to have a butchers shop in Nth Blackburn where I work. Small world.
    Thanks for recommendation.

  • There are 178 tags in the forum data base at the monent

    • Where do we find that ?

    • In the back room under Tags, list tags.

  • Yeah, I think it does stop at 100. Thats' what i have on mine now.

  • Wazza, if you click on a tag in the cloud you'll get redirected to a page that has your selection on it and also a Tag Cloud on the left hand side. This cloud has 98 tags in it atm. Not sure if it'll stop at 100 or not. Guess we'll find out soon :)

    You can also search CONTENT

    from there and it'll open the relevant posts, pics, files etc.

  • Yep, pretty sure it's 50.

  • I added Indian and it's not there, but I also added asian and it's there. Just did a quick count and there are 50 tags showing, could it be limited to 50 and not 100?

  • The list is also limited to 100 tags, even though there may be more in the data base. It ranks them by usage so the top 100 will always appear. The higher the rank, the larger the type.

  • Yes Wazza it does but it's not instant. The system actions new tags hourly or thereabouts

  • The list of tags on the right when you are looking at the forum, does that grow as people add new words?

  • that's OK, there's a lot of history which you wouldn't be aware of. No harm done.

  • wow talk about opening a can of worms didn't realize me posting that was so controversial will be more discreet in the future

  • Thanks Steve, we love it and have put in countless hours to get it where it is. Thanks for your support, we appreciate it greatly. Cheers, Ian

  • Hi Gumb, the forum is as good as it gets. Still learning my way round a bit, but sets new benchmarks compared the the other forums i'm in. Struggling to provide any meaningful constructive feedback as I have not found anything that could use tweaking.

  • Yep, I can sort that out....what do you want it changed to?

  • Beachbums just pointed out there is a bbqer elsewhere using the nick "Ozymandias" so can I change mine please Ian? I have always wanted to use it but I got beaten to it dammit!

  • ah cool...thnx

  • Good avatar!