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  • Hey legend.

    Proud of you boys, you took in the "Grilla Bees" pep talk of not coming last and you delivered on your word.

    Only way is up

    • Haha cheers bro. Yeah we had the flavours all wrong and had no idea on Presentation but we learnt a ton ! Since then I have smoked up some killer brisket and am working on ribs like a fiend.

      What events you guys hitting next ? Pork n Cider ? Yaks ?

    • Yeah mate, its all about learning. Was a really good comp.

      We've been accepted into the Cider & Pork. So if you pop in we'll be there.

      See the brisket category was taken out by a weber!

      Weber power!

    • Up the mighty webber ha. I might have to invest in one. ... Im hearing good things about those big green eggs tho...

      Ill be down to support the beez at PnC you can count on it.

    • Those green eggs hold the heat for allot longer. Just sounds much gayer then owning a weber ;)