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  • I just saw your entry...SOB that is spectacular!

  • Hi I read a post you made about a year ago about buying monika curry paste in Tasmania and wondered where in Tasmania you bought it from as I am having trouble locating this curry paste , please and thanks

    • Hi, Munrov8, We weren't sure where we got it from and could have been in Victoria as we were passing through. Have asked again over on the Coles FB page if they stock it here in the west. See theres someone else in Tasmania looking too.....

    • Thank beachbums I too asked at Coles hopefully the Asian food store I also asked finds it through their supplier fingers crossed

    • You can get it via ebay and Inofoods sites but postage is expensive. $6.98 for the curry and $16.00 for postage!

  • Thanks mate im in

  • To easy just let me know when your next order is and I'm in.. I'll put that potted salmon recipe up later.. Something a bit different
    Cheers wayne

  • Stuff it and two packs of ribs can't say no to that. Thanks again

    • Cool btw the $18 for ribs is per kilo so a pack usually works out around $35ish mark

  • No worries I'll definately be interested in a brisket when the next order is done. Thanks heaps bloody nothing beats cape grim

  • Hi beachbums was looking for one to get started what size and $ per kilo are they?? Based in busselton so might have some more poeple interested aswell. Thanks for the reply can you get hold of whole cuts of short ribs also?? Thanks again

    • Brisket is around $15 per kilo and usually around 5 to 6kg. Beef shorts come in packs with 2 racks of 3 ribs at around $18 and usually in the 2 to 3kg range. We get them by the 20kg carton so it's not definite until we open the box as to how many there are or what weight. Usually around 3 brikets and 6-8 packs of ribs

  • Hi I'm new to all this and just joined but trying to get my hands on cape grim brisket?? Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks heaps

    • Hi Boothy, welcome to SFaF. We do bulk buys through the wholesaler here in Perth. Just finished one but will be setting up another one soon. How much do you want?

  • Yes I know just trying it on there will be plenty of more opportunities

    • Haha, yep. We have a bit of a better plan for next time. :)

  • If you want me to take them off your hands I'll help out

    • ? do you mean the ribs I offered Bucc? I want them but thought if he was put out I'd offer them to him

  • Hello,
    Could I get one each of the brisket and the ribs mentioned in the "did you miss out" thread also where can I pay and pick them up from?

    Thank You

  • Just wondering if you got my order and how I go about paying? Cheers

  • the dry aged carton mate thanks

    • No probs BBB. Will see if we van slide a carton into the order for you :)

    • thanks mate ill confirm that order thanks,one small problem though I will be bush the weekend of the delivery can it be held for me until the following weekend or do I need to arrange pickup?

    • Sorry, missed this............Best to arrange pickup. Chris doesn't have the facilities to hold it for more than a day or two.

  • Hi Grant did you get me 2 packs in the end? and whats your address for pick up tomorrow?
    PM me if you like 0438 679 098

  • Hi

    I spoke to people at a smoked meat restaurant north of Geraldton in Chapman Valley about having some folk come up and do some smoking, maybe a small comp. They are interested. They have a great place. Look up Burnt Barrel. He cooks in a big Yoder trailer smoker with Tuart wood.

    There is a camping ground next door where the local community hold the Nukara music festival in March each year. I don't know if this will make it more interesting. It does for me as a part time muso and music lover.

    Do you and the other WA guys think it might be possible to consider a trip to have a little comp, or is this too far? I don't want to talk to them more if it is unlikely.

    I was trying to organise something at Grass Valley, but the timing isn't good with the pub at the moment, maybe next year.

    Just an idea.


    Grant from Grass Valley

    • Early days here Grant but it could fly. I know the place you mean and it'd be a lot of fun.
      Are you thinking of the same time as the Festival?

    • Hi

      Maybe. They mentioned the festival and I have met one of the festival organisers.

      If there were only a couple of us the first time we might just go up and get a feel for the place. If there were more of us, we might be able to link in with the music festival somehow.

      As you said, very early days. If there are a few interested I am happy to go up and spend more time with them discussing stuff. They said that there is a growing interest in smoking in Geraldton as well.

      Maybe we can discuss over a beer at a future get together.


      Grant from Grass Valley

  • Loving it mate! the new forum software is brilliant!

  • Cool...I've just made you an admin!