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  • Sorry, or is it just an innate Viking skill!!

  • Coming up for a look?

    Also, we are all having trouble stopping our Akorns running away, but I remember seeing that yours sat perfectly. Any tricks?

  • Hi

    You working when the Pork and Cider Festival on?

  • Hi I will need to chat to you when I come down in January about all this "periscope" IT stuff. I read it and don't understand what is going on.

    Grant from Grass Valley

  • No worries Kel, I'm still working this part of the site out as well, good looking ribs, yep I'm up for a brew and que.

  • gday mate my username is tanukibrewer on WABC.Not really sure how this wall thing works lol we should do a brew and bbq thing sometime

  • Just checking you weren't on a different time zone.

  • Just saw the beer with the ribs and sausage. Is it 3pm in Dardanup?

    Grant from Grass Valley

    • No old photo, start work at 1400, not happy.

  • Hi, we were down your neck of the woods recently when the big Fair was on. Had a good day out wandering around.

    • The Bull and Barrel ? yeah good day out couple of local breweries supplying beer fun for the kids win win.