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  • G'day Bruckster,,

    Yeah I won't answer you on that thread we were writing on but I was wondering which Weber Dealer treated you like crap?

    I got this treatment from the Weber Store at the Bankstown (Syd) store a couple of years back, it wasn't that they were nasty or anything but jeesus, they could've learnt some Customer relations skills instead of just wandering off to read something and when I went to ask a question on a product, he couldn't even bother to lift his head and look at me when I'm talking to him.

    Needless to say, they don't exist at Bankstown anymore....I wonder why.

    I looked at the Pro-Q and they do have a great reputation and they are cheaper than WSM, but to me, it's not just the name but the WSM feels so solid in it's build and it's worth that extra few Hundred.

    But I do hate it when you get treated like a 2nd rate human by a business...they don't deserve to be in business.



    • Mate it was at Burning Log in the ACT a fair few years ago and he knew nothing about them and couldn’t even be bothered to tell me how long it would take to get one in as they didn’t even have one in stock.

      That was back in the day when you couldn’t even get a digital thermometer anywhere in Canberra.

      I have no regrets with going with the Pro Q at all and since then I’ve added a Napoleon’s kettle to my range and it’s every bit as good as my Webers.

      Webers still hold a special place in my heart and I currently own three but I’m glad I diversified.

    • I've heard pretty good things about the Napoleon Kettles and even their smokers but the one main thing that I am negative (probably wrongly so) is that the doors to access the water bowl and fire is very small compared to the WSM. If I was to get one, it'd definitely be the 20 inch because the 18 inch is just feels too tinny in my books.

    • Yep, thought the same on the 18”. I’ve got the 20” but it’s one of the original designs the new ones have a lot more nice stuff on them then mine but still cook the same.

      I run mine with lava rocks in the water pan as a heat sink so no need to add water during the cook I just spritz.

      Everything is easy to access as in the second cooking grate and fire as well as the water bowl by just lifting the stackers off each other.

      Sounds like I’m trying to sell you one but I’m not, as I said before I’m a big fan of Webers. Just really happy with the Pro Q.

      Love charcoal cooking and looking to add a UDS in the not too distant future after I get through the house Reno’s!

    • I used to run my 18.5 WSM like a UDS sometimes especially when hot smoking chicken pieces so the skin will go nice and crispy and with the juices dropping directly on the coals below, they damned well smoked yeah, use your Pro-Q as an UDS. It's awesome.

      2 things that Pro-Q have that WSM doesn't is hanging hooks from the lid and that when you break them down into sections, each section will fit into each other, for example, you can't comfortable place a food grate on the charcoal bowl to use it like a grill like you can do with the Pro-Q and you can add extra stackers of you want.

    • I’m a bit spoiled for that, I’ve also got a Pit Barrel so I do all my hanging on that. It’s a great bit of gear!

      Pit Barrel now make an add on for WSM to use for hanging meats.

  • Just lookin at the voting on the latest challenge. Being from the South, Split Pea soup with ham, man, nothing better! That looked delicious! You would have gotten my vote if I had seen it sooner!