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  • At least now I know your wall is not private thanks for that

  • Hi m8 if you are around on the weekend I will try and pick it up, maybe you can text me your address sounds like a bit of a drive for me coming from the west

    • Glad I got a notification about a wall post. Didn't even know I had one. I don't think it's private though, so you may want to edit out your phone number. I've already taken a screen shot if it and will put it in my phone after posting this. Weekend is fine, but I'm also in the market for a car, and may need to go look at them. I'll text you anyway. We'll figure something out.

    • Hi Yaka and SB, Yep "Wall posts" are visible to all and also come up on the Dashboard like regular posts and "likes".
      "Conversations" up at the top of the screen are private like the old forum PM's
      Cheers, Wayne

    • Not sure Yaka but you may be able to edit it yourself as it's your wall?

    • Either Steiny was able to edit it, or a staff member has done it.
      Just had a look and seems I can't edit other people's posts. There us an option to report it though.

    • I'd guess that SB did. I didn't and don't think any of the other admin did.

      We're all still feeling our way around the software but we're getting there :)