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  • Hi Stewie, I was at The Basin butchers yesterday and he said you'd been in. How was the meat ?

    • Meat was great, had a couple of Portuguese chicken breasts for lunch,zapped in oven then sliced for sandwiches.
      Rolled pork that he was working on when we got there which I nabbed on the weber real nice.
      Russell got us slice of his ham to sample which was delicious.
      Was telling us that as his pig is free range he can't get lean pigs. What a shame (NOT) pork with flavour.

    • Great. I just stocked up for the week away in the caravan. His butterfly pork medallions are to die for. I've never had stuff so tender. Also gor some rump (at his suggestion) and 2 massive lamb back straps. A week on the Ziggy portable coming up ! :)

    • Where are you headed?

    • Natte Yallock - out of Avoca with about 40 vans !! A week at the local oval using their facilities and heading off for day trips on the local 4WD tracks and of course, the wineries.